The Day That Almost Wasn’t

When my wife and I planned our trip to Washington, DC to attend my company’s annual conference we were excited. We had never been to our nation’s capital and were eager to go. We knew ahead of time that I would be working 12-14 hours days at the conference and our time would be limited, so we decided to stay over an extra night to see some sights.

A month later my wife had been out of town for a month taking care of her dying father and I had been out of town for 12 days for a visit to see him and sadly to attend to the funeral. That and the unfortunate collapse of the family into recriminations and mistrust over the estate left us dreading spending another week out of town and really regretting having extended the stay for another day. We discussed changing our flight but after the extended costs of traveling for the funeral we didn’t want to pay the extra fees.

Last night we decided that. We would forego doing anything today to get the day over with and just get home. I headed off to work the last two hours I would work this week thinking the day would be spent at the hotel and just looking forward to going home.

While wrapping up at the conference, two of my co-workers (Ross and Kelly) asked if we wanted to take a trip into town for the day, reluctantly we agreed wanting to just get through the day but feeling a bit wasteful for not seeing any of the city while we were here.

We took a shuttle bus into town, arriving at Union Station. The day suddenly became more than just us trying to get through it. Union Station is a massive structure with amazing architecture. We took a trolly tour and snapped pictures like crazy as we viewed the monument and the memorials around DC. Later we had lunch at Thunder Grille inside Union Station and returned to the hotel. We had previously agreed to have dinner with Ross and Kelly and another co-worker and her husband at a nice restaurant in the hotel.

The dinner at Moon Bay at the Gaylord National Hotel was fabulous. The food was indescribably exquisite, especially the dessert doughnut holes they brought us. Good wine, great conversation, excellent food and good music made it a wonderful experience. Afterwards we walked outside and watched fireworks under the stars.

The day was filled with great experiences and memories. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that today would be anything but dreadfully long and depressing as we waited impatiently to be headed home. I am so thankful that we were offered the chance to go out and that something made us take the opportunity even though we didn’t really think we wanted too. Memories like today are few and far between, I am ever grateful that this day that wasn’t supposed to be actually was.

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Jerry Sutton

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