The Adjustment Bureau Movie Review


My wife and I watched The Adjustment Bureau yea I don’t have to do that again.

It isn’t so much that it is a bad film as it just doesn’t seem to really be very substantial. The film sets up this very complex sounding story only to make it very un-complex and very pedestrian at the end. The climatic resolution was telegraphed 10 minutes before it happened and when the credits rolled I was left with this very unsatisfied feeling and not because I wanted more, because I felt like the film didn’t really try all that hard.

The characters are interesting and Matt Damon does a good job in the role of David Norris. Emily Blunt was very compelling as Elise. I even loved the character played by Mad Men’s Slattery. The problem wasn’t the cast or the characters. Ultimately it was a good idea for a story..without much story actually executed.

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Jerry Sutton

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