Jaguars Birth: Remembering November 30th 1993

My father was a sports addict. His passion for watching sports drew me into watching football at an early age. I went with him to the countless NFL exhibition games, the rallies for whichever NFL team was courting a new… Continue Reading

Surprise! Sports Illustrated Article by Don Banks does right by Jaguars

I’m not a Don Banks fan, he gets it wrong about as often as he gets it right in my opinion, but his article about the  Jacksonville Jaguars  and Gus Bradley is a good read and comes off as fair and… Continue Reading

A New Beginning

After a very disappointing 2-14 season Jaguars fans were anxious to see what would happen in the off season. It was a pretty sure bet that the General Manager Gene Smith would be let go, 5 years of rebuilding draft misses too… Continue Reading

A Study of Failure: The 2012 Season of the Jacksonville Jaguars (so far)

I internally scoffed at experts who predicted the 2012 Jaguars would win fewer games than they did in 2011.  Last year’s 5-12 result was horrible, and the glaring issues from a year ago seemed to have been addressed in the… Continue Reading

A Surprising Feeling

My feelings at the start of NFL Preseason is always a mixture of hope and anxiety and in the past 4 years, since my dad passed away, a little melancholy.  The preseason opener between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York… Continue Reading