Surprise! Sports Illustrated Article by Don Banks does right by Jaguars

Stephen Morton/AP

Stephen Morton/AP

I’m not a Don Banks fan, he gets it wrong about as often as he gets it right in my opinion, but his article about the  Jacksonville Jaguars  and Gus Bradley is a good read and comes off as fair and optimistic about the future of the franchise. He gets extra points for not rolling out the usual bullshit rumors about the franchise moving.

Getting better in Jacksonville isn’t a particularly high bar to shoot for, of course, after last year’s 2-14 nose-dive. But with Bradley in charge, and his players on board, the Jaguars have made a change that might finally make a difference.   — Don Banks 

Immediately following the very disappointing  27-3 loss to the Dolphins in the preseason opener, Bradley gave a post game speech  that was inspiring. It wasn’t sugar-coated it pointed out the mistakes but stressed they were things that were in their control, challenged them to fix those things and get better. He was pumped up after a loss not because he was in denial or lying to his players but because he is consistent in his message that the goal is to get better every day.

Gus Bradley seems like the real deal. I hope that this plays out this season. The early games are likely to be ugly hopefully by the second half of the season we will see a young team coming together and showing promise for next season.


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