Star Trek v2.0

I have to admit that I approached this film with great trepidation. The idea sounded way too much like Harve Bennet’s Star Fleet Academy idea from years ago. It also smacked of “muppet babies” to me where you take an established set of characters and dumb them down for a younger audience.

I started to hear buzz though that it was much more than that. The clincher for me was reading the prequel graphic mini-series Countdown which laid out the back-story for the future altering events that take place at the opening of the film. The plot was well written in this piece and felt like Star Trek to me.

So last night my wife and I saw the film in IMAX. I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot even though there are a number of things that nag at me as a lifelong Star Trek fan. Changes that occur in the film that just make this version dramatically different from the series I grew up with in the 70’s (I was way to young to have watched them in the 60s).

The movie was very entertaining though, and I found myself liking this story and these characters all over again. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and especially Karl Urban make Kirk, Spock, and McCoy come alive again for the first time since the end of the original series, even more so than the original actors were able to do for me in the movie era.

The film is action packed, and the special effects are top of the line and the sets were beautiful.

There are still a few things that bother me about the film. One of them involves Uhura and another character that just doesn’t work for me, but overall it is an excellent reboot of the series and I am looking forward to seeing these characters again in a film that doesn’t have to spend so much time setting everything up and can jump right into the action.

Jerry Sutton

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