Star Trek Upgrade or Sacrilege?

While battling insomnia I stumbled across this article on one of my frequent web haunts. At first I couldn’t believe it and was convinced that it was a massive hoax being played on However the more I read I found that there were also articles on it at and at TVGuide Insider. Is this real? Are they really going to release new versions of the original series with new CGI graphics? A new opening sequence with rerecorded music? New CGI enhanced mattes and digitally mastered images?

It was all a little much to take in at once and I found myself wondering what I was really feeling. Was it dread of them making a mess of the fantastic albeit visually dated series? Or was it anticipation about seeing those episodes again in a cleaner, better format with graphics that will make it palatable to a new generation of fans? I know one thing for wallet will take a hit again when they release this version on DVD.

Jerry Sutton

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