Ready the Fleet: Jacksonville Armada Getting Underway

This weekend is the Select A Seat Event for the inaugural season of the new North American Soccer League (NASL) team in Jacksonville.  The Jacksonville Armada FC will start play in the spring next year. I am excited about the return of professional… Continue Reading

Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Preseason Game 1: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The first preseason game for the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Season is complete and it was quite a mixture. Like most first preseason games it was good at was bad at times..and then a couple of times it was downright… Continue Reading

High Energy: The Jaguars Rookie Mini Camp

On Friday afternoon I had the chance to attend the Jaguars Rookie Mini Camp at the Florida Blue Practice fields.  The crowd, while not as large as the one that showed up on Saturday, it was a pretty good size… Continue Reading

Draft Day: Movie Night with the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are attempting to engage fans year round and provide ticket value to their season ticket holders. This year they have started a program called Jags365 which promises to have year round engagement with their season ticket holders.… Continue Reading

The Heroes of HealthCare

At the height of the crisis that was the roll out of, while everyone else was talking about the political fallout and how the failure would effect the future of the Obama Presidency and Health Care in general, I… Continue Reading

More Disney Magic

So after a magic night at Disney we headed back to the Magic Kingdom on Friday for a few hours. The weather was really brisk and our first stop after taking an open air boat from the Wilderness Lodge to… Continue Reading

A magical Night

I really didn’t know what to expect from visiting the Magic Kingdom at night but  whatever it was it didn’t come close to matching the reality. The weather cleared up at the exact right time and we walked into the… Continue Reading

Vacation Day One

Every year about this time I am counting vacation days to see if I have enough time left in the year to use them all. I usually don’t because I am notoriously bad at taking vacation. This year was no… Continue Reading

How I learned to Love Ira Glass

A few years ago while driving around town on a Saturday afternoon,  my wife and I tuned the radio to NPR and caught the first few minutes of the radio show This American Life. The narrator, Ira Glass, has a… Continue Reading

Jaguars Birth: Remembering November 30th 1993

My father was a sports addict. His passion for watching sports drew me into watching football at an early age. I went with him to the countless NFL exhibition games, the rallies for whichever NFL team was courting a new… Continue Reading