One of those Days!

One of the most challenging things about software development is dealing with legacy code written by people who have long since left the company you work for. Everyone has their own way of doing things and the first thing that gets sacrificed in a busy hectic shop are standards.

This is fresh on my mind this week because I have been dealing with the phenomenon all week. The code isn’t necessarily bad, or improperly formatted or anything. Its just not my style and therefore it takes time to figure out the way it works before you can troubleshoot the issue you are after or add whatever feature you are trying to add.

Yesterday I spent 20 minutes trying to decipher the oddly formatted table structure in a page before I could do the 10 minutes of code I needed to add. Its days like that make me wish I was doing something else..anything else. I suppose anything else would have its own days like that too though.

Jerry Sutton

I am, at heart, a software developer though I am currently managing a small Information Technology department for a mid sized company located in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. When I am not playing with the latest smart-phone or trying to become inspired to write code I read almost anything I can get my hands on from Pulp Era adventures to biographies of world leaders and everything in between.