Nostalgia Overload: Superbowl I The Lost Game

Superbowl1Promo Superbowl I was played in January 1967, just a few weeks from my first birthday. For some reason I don’t remember ever having a conversation with my dad about this game though he must have watched it live at the time. He was a rabid sports fan and watched just about any sport he could find on TV. A running joke, with serious undertones, between my mother and father was the tension created by the fact that their wedding took place right in the middle of baseball’s World Series. So I have no doubt that my dad was watching in January of ’67 when this game was played.

The NFL network apparently had to use multiple sources and do a lot of technical work to recombine those sources into a coherent televised record of that game 50 years ago. I have no idea what to expect of the broadcast which is supposed to include interviews and other content from the broadcast of NBC at the time. There is however, something very compelling about seeing this game which happened so long ago but has a connection with the present. (Both the Chiefs and Packers are moving on to the Divisional Round of this year’s playoffs).

I have it set up to DVR on Friday. I don’t know if I’ll end up watching the whole thing, but I can’t resist taking a peek at his special kind of time capsule.

Jerry Sutton

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