My Vacation Dilemma

My wife and I have been on a Carribean cruise at least once per year for the past 8 years or so. I always enjoy my time aboard ship but I absolutely hate the hassle and effort involved in getting to the ship and getting aboard.

This isn’t unique to cruise ships, basically I love going away but I hate the going part. Once we’ve arrived at our destination I am fine, but the packing, the travelling, airport or cruise ship security, waiting in lines, etc all leave me cold. I think if I could find a way to go on vacation by teleporting myself from my house to the location of the trip I would be much happier.

Over the next few days we will be cruising around the carribean visitng a couple of ports of call in Mexico. Hopefully the cruise will be worth the hassle of the travelling to get there. It usually is.

Jerry Sutton

I am, at heart, a software developer though I am currently managing a small Information Technology department for a mid sized company located in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. When I am not playing with the latest smart-phone or trying to become inspired to write code I read almost anything I can get my hands on from Pulp Era adventures to biographies of world leaders and everything in between.