My Favorite Martian

Ok..That’s a bad pun even by my standards. The “martian” I’m talking about is not from Mars, she is Mars. Veronica Mars to be precise. She is the title character in a UPN series by the same name. Veronica is the teenaged daughter of a former sheriff turned private detective. She works for him when she isn’t going to high school or solving crimes on her own. The best description I’ve heard of this series is Encyclopedia Brown meets Nancy Drew.

Set in Neptune, California, VERONICA MARS is a popular TV drama that follows the fortunes of a 17-year-old trainee private investigator. Neptune is full of powerfully rich residents, many of whom believe they are above the law. Fortunately Veronica, who was propelled into a life of crime-fighting after her best friend, Lilly, was murdered, is on hand to ensure that justice is served, much to the annoyance of the Neptunians who find themselves frequently foiled in their devious plans. Veronica’s father is the former sheriff of Neptune, who found himself removed from office after alleging that Lilly’s father was responsible for his daughter’s death. Now, together with Veronica, he runs a local private investigation business, while also ensuring that his daughter doesn’t neglect her high school duties. A long-standing subplot that runs through the show is Veronica’s attempts to clear her father’s name, which only leads to further evidence of enormous corruption and deceit in a neighborhood that seems littered with criminal activity. The entire first season of the show is collected here.
Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD Description on DVD Planet

I fell in love with this series after the first 5 minutes of the first episode. I was hooked and went immediately and picked up the first season on dvd. The hook of the series is that each season it has a season long mystery story arc along with the weekly plot lines. Couple that with very good writing and some excellent characters and you have a show that is very addictive.

Veronica Mars will be one of the shows that makes the cut to appear on the new network being formed by Paramount and Warner Brothers, the CW. Currently it airs on UPN on Wednesday at 9pm. It airs opposite Lost which (unless you live in a city like mine that airs UPN programming after midnight) makes another good argument for Tivo.

ps. Don’t tell my wife that I have a crush on Kristen Bell.

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