Movie Reviews: Hugo and Moneyball

Over the week my wife and I rented both Hugo and Moneyball from Redbox.  As usual we wanted to see the pictures that were nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards but typically we’ve only seen one of them during the year.



I had no prior knowledge of what Hugo was about until I watched the film, I didn’t read anything about it before hand. I knew only that it had some cinematography buzz but that was about it.  The first ten to fifteen minutes of the film had me wondering if I would make it all the way through the picture. It was slow to start and a little confusing. However that was the last point at which my mind even entertained that concept. The story picked up and became magical.  The visuals were indeed very well done and all evoked the intended emotion of wonderment at the medium of movies that the picture is supposed to represent.  All of the stories in the movie end up in a fairy tale happy ending place. The film isn’t about some great message it is about letting yourself be entertained by the movies and appreciating them for the art form.


I had a little more understanding about the plot of Moneyball and I had been wanting to see it even before it was nominated but I never got around to doing that until last week.   I was fascinated by the inside look at the business of baseball.  I am a sucker for that kind of inside story tale in the first place and this movie was riveting in its detail and detail about the business.  I thought Brad Pitt did a masterful job of portraying Billy Beane and I also thought he has a bit of a Robert Redford look going on in this film at the same time.  As usual any film by Aaron Sorkin is going to have snappy dialogue and it works perfectly especially in the frantically paced baseball trade scenes.   I immediately went off to read the book that the movie is based on because the movie made me want to know as much of the story as possible. I even found myself looking at video clips online of people mentioned in the story. I so thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish that I want to see it again and again.

Jerry Sutton

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