Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Two Words.  Really Awful.

Seth Rogan just wasted two hours of my life. Seriously Rogan should stick to writing stupid stoner comedies and give up pretending he has a clue how to write anything else. His dialog in The Green Hornet sounded like it was written for stoned 12 year old boys. The action sequences were good, the plot wasn’t bad. The characters were all two dimensional and the dialog sucked.  During the film about 20 minutes into it I wanted to walk out, I didn’t  because my wife was there with me. After the film she said, “I wanted to walk out in the middle of the film.”  

I’m not putting up a movie poster image for this review because it doesn’t deserve the attention. I can’t even begin to describe how bad I think this film is.   It makes Jonah Hex seem like a classic and makes the campy stupid 60’s TV version seem like Shakespeare.  Prior to today my award for worse trashing of a classic iconic character went to Dino DeLaurentis for “Flash Gordon”  He has been unseated by Seth Rogan’s complete trashing of The Green Hornet.  He should give back whatever money they paid him and spend the next five years washing cars to pay back the ticket price to anyone unfortunate enough to have gone to see this film.


Jerry Sutton

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