Movie Review: Man of Steel – Google Play Version

Man of Steel Movie Poster

So +Jeanne Sutton and I watched Man of Steel on Google Play this week. I really can’t figure out why this movie got the support it did. This could be the second worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen (comfortably ahead of that abomination by Seth Rogan).

The Krypton scenes were long, confusing, and boring.  The use of flashbacks to tell Clark’s story was disjointed and the fact that Lois is able to discover his identity in about 2 minutes of screen time makes the Clark/Kal look inept and stupid.

When the film finally gets to to the action phase of the plot they seem to be more interested in destroying digital scenery rather than actually having any kind of real story.  I literally chuckled out loud when they damaged a orbital satellite thinking to myself of course they destroyed everything on Earth they had to move into space to continue the destruction.

The climactic scene was horrible, if that was the way to resolve the conflict Superman could have done resolved it an hour earlier. It was a weak resolution (almost weaker then the earth spinning nonsense from Superman the Movie).

Above all the whole genetic plot line was goofy and went nowhere. And ultimately there didn’t seem to be a coherent message to the film.

I really think Christopher Nolan needs to stop doing superhero movies. He really has lost his feeling for them. The final Batman movie was clearly the worst of the latest trilogy and his treatment of the Man of Steel was worse.

Jerry Sutton

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