Movie Review: Green Lantern

My expectations for Green Lantern were pretty low. I wasn’t convinced Ryan Reynolds was the right actor to play Hal Jordan and the previews hadn’t done much to convince me otherwise.  I feared it would turn into the cheesy parody that Seth Rogan dumped on us with The Green Hornet.  I was happy that this wasn’t the case. While GL isn’t going to win any dramatic awards and pales in comparison with films like X-Men First Class and Thor it is a credible movie and entertaining.

Ryan Reynolds does a better job at Hal Jordan than I gave him credit for, though I still think there are probably better choices.   The story itself is a little thin and I really don’t now why they felt the need to change some of the more iconic things about the GL legend.  As others have said the film’s real flaw is that it substitutes too much CGI for story elements and it drags in the middle when this is at its height.

On the subject of special effects I thought they were over used at times but well done for the most part. The Guardians were very nicely presented for instance but much of the scenes set on Oa or in space were too CGIish to feel right, but GL’s constructs were usually done ok though the big racetrack thing was stupid and not made any less stupid by the characters in the movie making fun of it later.

Overall I’d give the film a C+ and maybe a B- if pushed. It wasn’t any near as bad as I had feared. DC though simply doesn’t seem to do as good a job with their properties as Marvel does. Some of that may be the source material but I just get the feeling that Marvel does a better job managing the whole process and DC leaves too much of it up to the individual filmmakers thus giving their characters an unevenness that so far hasn’t existed in the Marvel film universe.

Jerry Sutton

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