Movie Review: Family Guy It’s A Trap BluRay

Family Guy It'a A Trap

The Family Guy Star Wars shows have been fantastic and this one is really no different. I’m struck at times how closely they can animate the action in these shows to the original movie scenes.

Seth McFarlane is up to his usual tricks starting the whole thing griping about Fox and saying he is just phoning it in for the cash, and then turning in a good performance. The running gag of bashing Seth Green’s accomplishments and abilities had both my wife and I cracking up for entire scenes. All in all this might not have been the best of the three specials but it is certainly not a shoddy piece of work. If you like Family Guy and Star Wars it will be a must have in your collection.

Like the first two films in this series it is filled with the usual Family Guy gags. One of the things I like about the Family Guy Star Wars films is watching to see which characters from the Family Guy get which parts.  This installment doesn’t disappoint in that realm either as Meg gets stuck with another non speaking, unflattering part and the chicken of course continues to be Boba Fett which cracks me up every time I see it.

We didn’t see anything partiuclarly exciting in the dvd extras, the one piece we watched was a pretty lame segment of Darth Stewie leaving a message on Luke’s answering machine.

Jerry Sutton

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