Lost in TVLand Nevermore.

I have watched every episode of the six years of Lost, frequently with frustration at the maddening lack of answers to those tantalizing mysteries. The series finale was no different, the resolution was dramatic, exciting, touching, and enigmatic. At first blush I expected that to disappoint me, upon reflection though I found that it didn’t because it’s heart the show was just a story of people in a tough situation trying to reconcile their own needs and desires with the need to resolve the situation. I realized that the ultimate physical definition of the island wasn’t as important as the fact that we got to see these characters come to see their feelings for each other and see them resolve their inner struggles. They were lost before the crash of Oceanic 815 and the point of the finale was they were rescued by finding each other regardless of their own personal outcomes.

I will miss these characters, and the mysteries, but the show ended strong and without a major letdown or “jump the shark” moment.

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Jerry Sutton

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  1. I'm going to miss those nights of us looking at each other with that "WTF just happened" expressions.

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