Jaguar’s Loss Number Five The story…

Jaguar's Loss Number Five

The story is all to familiar this year. The defense blanked the Steelers in the second half. Held them to under 20 points and the Jaguar's offense just couldn't get anything done for most of the game. The first drive looked promising but after that the passing game was MIA and the running game was spotty at best.

As usual the play calling was questionable at times. A late fourth quarter 3rd and for call to run the ball seemed really strange considering they put their best running back Maurice Jones Drew on the bench for the play.

I really don't know what is going on with this team, but the past three years have been really agonizing for the fans and this year is not going in the right direction. The obvious decision to make is change is going to have to happen this year. I don't expect anything to be done during the season because that just isn't owner Wayne Weaver's style, but this franchise has enough trouble without the lackluster performances we've seen from this team over the past three years.


Jerry Sutton

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