Jaguars Birth: Remembering November 30th 1993

Ultimate Jaguar FanMy father was a sports addict. His passion for watching sports drew me into watching football at an early age. I went with him to the countless NFL exhibition games, the rallies for whichever NFL team was courting a new stadium deal. We watched football every Sunday together.
The night the Jaguars were awarded to Jacksonville I was watching the news when Deron Cherry flashed his thumbs up symbol to the Jacksonville Media.  My father was rarely excited, but he was that night coming home from a very long day I remember that he couldn’t stop smiling.
YES HeadlineThe next day my mother, my sister and I braved the weather to be at the Stadium to see the Weavers and to sign up for season tickets.  I remember not really having the money to afford the deposit we had to make on the cheapest of tickets, which were in the west upper deck, but my mother talked me into it and we bought 6 seats that night.
My dad passed away several years ago, and my mom shortly after him.  Its been a long journey and those six seats are down to two and have moved from the West Upper Deck to the West bowl, and finally now to the East Club but it is impossible to think of the Jaguars and that night without thinking of my father and his passion for the game and the change that the team made to his life.


Jerry Sutton

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