Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Preseason Game 1: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

JaguarsvsTampaThe first preseason game for the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Season is complete and it was quite a mixture.

Like most first preseason games it was good at times..it was bad at times..and then a couple of times it was downright ugly.

The Good

The first team defense was impressive. They were harrassing the quarterback, stuffing the run and forcing turnovers.  They are going to keep the Jaguars in games this year.

Blake Bortles looks like the real deal. Sure it was only a preseason game against the 2nd team defense but he was poised and accurate and he looked like he was born to be on the field. His stats were impressive and would have been even more impressive as 2 of his four incompletions were drops by Mike Brown on beautiful passes from Bortles.

The Bad

Henne.   He was ineffective had his usual horribly over thrown pass that should have been intercepted and the obligatory batted pass at the line of scrimmage which seems to be his trademark. I know he gives the Jaguars the best chance to win early but watching him on the field for another year is going to be torture.

The first team offensive line just isn’t there yet. No running holes opened up.  Too much pressure on the QB. They have to get better.

Mike Brown dropping two perfect passes from Bortles. One he was obviously bracing for a hit that he was going to take either way but the second drop was just clumsiness. He can do better.

The Ugly

Mike Brewster. Seriously two botched snaps over the QB’s head in one game? I know he his new at this position but really. The second one was on FOURTH DOWN!

Overall it was an enjoyable game. There were flashes of things that are exciting. I think it will be another long year for the Jaguars but things are definitely coming together.

But honestly I’m not sure I can watch Henne flop around for another  18 games this year…

Jerry Sutton

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