Xoom LTE Upgrade Delays

I’m not quite sure how this narrative got started that Motorola had delays in returning the LTE upgraded Xoom tablets to the users. I guess it is because they sent out a message to a bunch of users (myself included) last week apologizing for the delay and promising the devices would ship “early next week” But the fact is that I sent my device in on Monday the 3rd and it arrived back on Wednesday the 12th. That is either 7 business days if you count the shipping day to Motorola or 6 business days if you only count the shipping day back. Either way it doesn’t seem far enough off their 6 business day goal to warrant a lot of the press it is getting. My wife sent her Xoom Tablet in a day after mine and it came back the same day which was definitely within the 6 day window.

It may well be that the times get delayed more as the number of tablets in the system gets higher, but right now it seems they are closer to their target than most people expected. Maybe others have different experiences and that is what is driving this. #motorolaxoom

Verizon and Motorola’s 4G LTE upgrade for the Motorola XOOM is taking longer than expected for some customers. While as much seems expected when the process

Jerry Sutton

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