Google+ Pages Arrive

Google+ PagesSo after a little bit of waiting Google has now opened up their growing Social Media site Google+ to business and product pages.  The flood gates opened yesterday with some of the top companies and organizations being first in line to add their presence to the new virtual gathering space.

The Muppets had their page up quickly with a video from Kermit and Miss Piggy announcing they would be doing a hangout with the muppets later in the day. (All to promote their new movie of course), The Dallas Cowboys added a page with a personal welcome to Google+ by owner Jerry Jones.  From news organizations like The New York Times to Pepsi there were a great number of companies quickly getting pages up.

The other side of the story is the numerous fan pages and outright fake pages being put up at the same time. It will be a challenge for Google to weed through all of that and protect the digital entities of companies. I expect that will get sorted out soon and Google already has a system in place for verifying people and organizations in Google+.

Now we just have to sit back and see what develops. My hope is that some companies will get the fact that Google+ is a little different than every other social media site and will use those unique qualities to make the user experience on Google+ better.  Most won’t. They will just re-post their marketing copy on Google+ the same way they do on Twitter, Facebook and other sites.  The companies that will really shine will do something different. They will tailor their message to the tools available on Google+ and make themselves stand out among all the other companies using Social Media just as one of many outlets for their marketing collateral.  We’ll see what develops.

For now I follow a lot of companies which I organize in circles separate from my individual circles. I have page circles for News, Technology, Google, Music,  TV&Moves, and Comics. I’m sure other categories will follow. I expect to start un-following some of those companies as it becomes clear which are just going to spam me with marketing messages I could get anywhere else and which are going to give interesting posts to read and share with my Google+ circles.

Jerry Sutton

I am, at heart, a software developer though I am currently managing a small Information Technology department for a mid sized company located in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. When I am not playing with the latest smart-phone or trying to become inspired to write code I read almost anything I can get my hands on from Pulp Era adventures to biographies of world leaders and everything in between.