Cruise 2006 Day 4

The fourth day at sea brings us to the lovely port of Cozumel, Mexico on the Isle of Cozumel. We were here a couple of years ago but a lot has changed. The coastline was brutally ravaged by hurricane Wilma and bears little resemblance to the place we remember from the last time we were here.

The huge cruise ship dock where we landed before when we were here is no more and the cruise ships anchor off shore and have their passengers tendered to shore on large double decker ferry boats. While aboard the Revieara Maya the day long push of high pressure sales began as we were offered everything from beer to jewelry and t-shirts by crewmembers of the ferry service.

On shore it wasn’t much different. Insistant peddlers trying to coax you into their stores. Inisistent to the point of being uncomfortable if you haven’t been here before or one of the many other tourist spots around the globe. After numerous visits to the Bahamas and Mexico and other Carribean ports of call we hardly notice. We just shake our heads and keep moving.

Our desitnation yesterday was the Havana Club which we visited two years ago. We found it to be a nice little place to buy some cigars and to enjoy drinks or lunch with a live jazz band. The huge walk-in humidor was still there, the cigars were as we remembered them but that was about it. The Havana Club used to be in an upscale shoping mall with other shops around it. This time it was at the top of a two story building with nothing else. It looks, from the bottom floor, like they are just getting settled in. There was still food and beer but we didn’t see a jazz band this time and the room was much smaller than we remember. We still enjoyed a smooth Cuban cigar and had a beer watching the ships in the bay outside from the outdoor deck.

Taking taxis back downtown we wandered into Carlos and Charlies a wild and crazy bar and restaurant owned by the same people who own the Senior Frog establishments. They have many things in common but if its possible CandC is even more crazy than their amphibian named sister company. Conga lines with free shots of Margaritas. Waiters pouring pitchers of Sangria down the throats of foolishly brave tourists and good food make it a very fun experience on vacation.

The show onboard the ship tonight was a tribute to the 40’s called Jump, jive, and Swing. As cruise entertainment goes it was pretty well done and I had to give the dancers props for being able to dance and keep their balance with the fairly active seas underneath us. Over all it was an excellent day.

Jerry Sutton

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