Cruise 2006 Day 1

As I’ve said the travelling part of vacations is the worst part. I really dread that part. I start feeling uneasy about it days in advance. I play little mind games with myself convincing myself that its farther away than it really is.

We travelled by car 150 miles to the south to get to the cruise terminal in Tampa. The picture above is my wife looking out at the Channelside courtyard as we relaxed after lunch and waited for the obligatory safety drill and the departure of the ship at 5:30. Once on board all my trepidation and worry generally goes away and I start to relax. The part of cruising I love the most is just relaxing. Spending a day at sea just wandering around on deck or maybe reading, even a brief swim. On days when the ship is in port I can be content wandering around on shore or even just hanging around the ship taking advantage of the fact that there aren’t as many people aboard during those times.

That was yesterday. Today was a day at sea. It was a fantastic day and a very simple one. Breakfast in the restaurant overlooking the bow on the ship. Swimming in the solarium which is an adult only pool and whirlpool area which in infintely more quiet and serene than the main pools. An afternoon nap followed by a very good dinner which included roasted duck. Now its off to a show and then bed time. Tomorrow is our first port of call in Mexico.

ps. The show was a performance by Mickey Dolenz. For the uninformed Mickey was part of the 60’s band The Monkees. The show was pretty good. Full of energy and humor and featured songs from the Monkees and songs that were of special importance to Mickey personally (the Chuck Berry song he auditioned for the TV show The Monkees for example). All in all very good by cruise ship entertainment standards.

Jerry Sutton

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