Change, Baby, Change!

My friends and family will tell you that I am very interested in politics. Mainly I think because I love to argue and tell people what I think. Most of them would probably be surprised to know that I have never contributed to a political campaign.

I have thought about it before and while I have been very passionate about candidates in the 24 years since I have been eligible to vote (and I’ve voted in every Presidential Election since I turned 18). I never actually made the decision to become involved financially in a campaign. Until a few days ago.

Like many people I have been unhappy with the way things have turned out these past 8 years and especially the last 4. I’m incredibly angry at what I have seen as a disrespect for the American people and the laws that make us who we are. The current administration I feel has let us down.

So several weeks ago after watching both conventions I decided to contribute modestly to the campaign of Barack Obama. For me there really was no other choice. I cannot buy into the idea that John McCain is actually going to change the direction we are going as a country. I don’t believe he is a maverick and I’ve seen his positions slide consistently to the right for the past 12 months. So for me its time for a change. Its time to give Barack Obama a chance to make a difference. Its time for me to make a difference.

If you are eligible to vote and aren’t registered I urge you to register. Vote anyway that your conscience tells you but make sure you make a difference.

If you believe as I do that its time for a change you can contribute online with any amount you feel comfortable with:

Jerry Sutton

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