Movie Review: Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur

 Recently my wife and I went to watch the film Hitchcock which details the making of the movie Psycho.  The film was very good except for some clunky fantasy sequences, but the relevance to this post is that the movie reawakened my interest in… Continue Reading

A Study of Failure: The 2012 Season of the Jacksonville Jaguars (so far)

I internally scoffed at experts who predicted the 2012 Jaguars would win fewer games than they did in 2011.  Last year’s 5-12 result was horrible, and the glaring issues from a year ago seemed to have been addressed in the… Continue Reading

A Jaguar Rebirth

This is a collection of posts I have made recently  about the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The original post can be found on Google+ Recently new Jaguar owner Shad Khan said that he defined fans as season ticket holders.  There was… Continue Reading

Google+ Pages Arrive

So after a little bit of waiting Google has now opened up their growing Social Media site Google+ to business and product pages.  The flood gates opened yesterday with some of the top companies and organizations being first in line to… Continue Reading

The Man who Touched Everyone’s Life

Like everyone else my life has been touched in profound ways by Steve Jobs. This makes his passing yesterday an event with worldwide consequences and a cause for reflection by nearly everyone who has been involved in technology in the… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Captain America – The First Avenger

Captain America is probably one of the top three characters from my youth, the other two being The Batman and Doc Savage.  Thinking about it they all have some shared traits even though they are all very different.  Ultimately they… Continue Reading

Movie Review: True Grit

My first reaction on hearing months ago that there was a remake of True Grit coming out was “Why?” The original is a classic, John Wayne at the top of his game, winning the Best Oscar for the only time… Continue Reading

Academy Award Challenge: Precious based on the Novel Push

Tonight my wife and I watched the final film in our quest to see all the Best Picture Nominees for the 2009 Academy Awards. Precious is a moving film about the life of an abused girl in Harlem, as the… Continue Reading