The Heroes of HealthCare

At the height of the crisis that was the roll out of, while everyone else was talking about the political fallout and how the failure would effect the future of the Obama Presidency and Health Care in general, I… Continue Reading

Chome Goodness

So after a long long time of thinking about it, debating it. Talking myself out of it.  My wife and I finally bought Chromebooks today. So far it is pretty cool. I can see this being very useful for various… Continue Reading

Eye Opening Experience with Web.Com

I had a very disturbing experience with the web hosting company last week which led me to finally pull the trigger on moving the domain I had hosted there to another provider.  I had been contemplating the idea for… Continue Reading

Funding the Dream of Tomorrow..Today

So the feat that NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory pulled off last night was to fly a large SUV sized rover over 352 million miles and land it on a planet using one of the most complicated landing procedures in the history… Continue Reading

SpaceX Dragon Soars into the Future

Later today the Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station in Earth orbit. This will mark the beginning of a new era of low Earth orbit traffic as commercial vehicles begin to resupply the ISS instead… Continue Reading