Draft Day: Movie Night with the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are attempting to engage fans year round and provide ticket value to their season ticket holders. This year they have started a program called Jags365 which promises to have year round engagement with their season ticket holders.… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Man of Steel – Google Play Version

So +Jeanne Sutton and I watched Man of Steel on Google Play this week. I really can’t figure out why this movie got the support it did. This could be the second worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen (comfortably ahead of that… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur

 Recently my wife and I went to watch the film Hitchcock which details the making of the movie Psycho.  The film was very good except for some clunky fantasy sequences, but the relevance to this post is that the movie reawakened my interest in… Continue Reading

Movie Reviews: Hugo and Moneyball

Over the week my wife and I rented both Hugo and Moneyball from Redbox.  As usual we wanted to see the pictures that were nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards but typically we’ve only seen one of them… Continue Reading

The Adjustment Bureau Movie Review

  My wife and I watched The Adjustment Bureau tonight..so yea I don’t have to do that again. It isn’t so much that it is a bad film as it just doesn’t seem to really be very substantial. The film… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Captain America – The First Avenger

Captain America is probably one of the top three characters from my youth, the other two being The Batman and Doc Savage.  Thinking about it they all have some shared traits even though they are all very different.  Ultimately they… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Green Lantern

My expectations for Green Lantern were pretty low. I wasn’t convinced Ryan Reynolds was the right actor to play Hal Jordan and the previews hadn’t done much to convince me otherwise.  I feared it would turn into the cheesy parody… Continue Reading

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

I went into Pirates 4 with low expectations.  Generally a film series designed as a trilogy doesn’t fare well when the producers try to stretch it to a fourth film. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this film was… Continue Reading

Movie Review: The King’s Speech

The Kings Speech has gotten a lot of buzz lately and you never know what to elect from a movie that every one is gushing over. Sometimes with films getting so much attention people rush to jump on the bandwagon.… Continue Reading

Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Two Words.  Really Awful. Seth Rogan just wasted two hours of my life. Seriously Rogan should stick to writing stupid stoner comedies and give up pretending he has a clue how to write anything else. His dialog in The Green… Continue Reading