Book Review: The Lion’s Game by Nelson DeMille

The Lion's Game (John Corey, #2)The Lion’s Game by Nelson DeMille

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There were parts of The Lion’s Game that I found quite compelling. I certainly like the lead character John Corey and the structure of the early novel with the switching perspectives was interesting and built great suspense.

Later in the book though I realized that this was never going to end in a satisfying way. The story isn’t how a bad guy gets thwarted in his quest for revenge. It never was. From the start the protagonist is far behind and with no way to catch up. In DeMille’s first Corey novel Plum Island the point was for John to solve the crime and catch the bad guy. In this story we know who the bad guy is from the start and the reader knows the plan from early in the book. The story is about how powerless we are to combat this sort of criminal and to me that left me unimpressed with the ending of the book.

I found the last 5-6 chapters ultimately a waste of time since the ending was already decided and nothing occurred in those chapters that really changed anything.

Ultimately I wanted more intrigue and closure at the end of the book and I didn’t get it. It was not as good a story as Plum Island in my opinion.

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