Academy Award Challenge

On the Monday following the 82nd Annual Academy Awards I was reading the results online and it occurred to me that of the 10 pictures nominated for best picture my wife and I had seen exactly one of them. This isn’t the first time that has happened, though my wife and I love movies we often get so tied up in other things that we just don’t get out to see the latest films. This year it struck me more though because the reasons for our missing the last year in cinema were particularly painful. The death of my father in 2008, my mother’s year and a half in a nursing home prior to her death in late 2009 meant we had done little else but deal with that situation.

So I told my wife a day or so later that we were going to go on a quest. The quest was to see, and in my case review, the 10 pictures nominated for best picture.

As of this writing we have seen 3 of them. I’ll keep you posted as I post my reviews.

Challenge Status:

Avatar – Saw in the theater 3/13/2010
The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker – Watched on Amazon Unbox 3/14/2010
Inglorious Basterds
A Serious Man
Up – Watched on DVD in November 2010.
Up in the Air

In the next day or so I will begin my reviews.

Jerry Sutton

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