Academy Award Challenge: Up in The Air Review

I’m not sure what to think about this picture. George Clooney pulls off his usual smooth, engaging performance. Humorous when the scene calls for it, serious or distraught when the film has it’s dark points. There is a clear message: The only thing that counts in life are the people, but whatever you do you end up alone. The story is somehow both inspiring and depressing at the same time.

Clooney’s character Ryan thinks he has the perfect care free unattached life only to find that he wants more. Unfortunately life can be very cruel and in the blink of an eye he loses the dream he never even knew he wanted.

To me at the end of the story Ryan is back to his care free life, but I
can’t shake the idea that he is forever changed and won’t be satisfied with life as usual for long.

Ultimately I found the ending muddied and unsatisfying, which is a shame because to that point the film was very good. Overall I rate the film a strong B+.

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Jerry Sutton

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