Academy Award Challenge: Review A Serious Man

A saw this movie via Unbox.

To start with this is a film by Joel and Ethan Coen. Either you love their work or you just don’t get them. This film is no different. It is darkly comical and the ending leaves you shaking your head but if you do get the Coen’s films you will enjoy this movie.

The film tells the story of Larry a man trying to make sense of his world when it is crumbling around him. The humor in this flim is heavily influenced by the concept of cosmic irony. As much as we may want answers to the questions of life we will never really get them. The universe is indifferent to our need to know and the questions will ultimately be answered only in ourselves.

This isn’t my favorite Coen Brothers film, but it is well made and fits nicely into their filmography. I ended up feeling strongly for the main character, wishing he would get a break…knowing that he ultimately wouldn’t. Overall I rate this film an A.

Jerry Sutton

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