Academy Award Challenge: Precious based on the Novel Push

Tonight my wife and I watched the final film in our quest to see all the Best Picture Nominees for the 2009 Academy Awards.

Precious is a moving film about the life of an abused girl in Harlem, as the film opens she is being kicked out of school after getting pregnant for the second time, she is sixteen. As the film progresses we find out the almost unbelievable level of abuse Precious has had to put up with in her short life.

Though some of the dream/imagination scenes are confusing at times, overall the film is compelling and moving. It created, for me, a feeling of both relief that my life was no where near as bleak as that at sixteen, and guilt at ball the times I felt sorry for myself when there was some horrible disappointment in my life. After watching Precious, nothing I ever experienced was even comparable to the hardships presented in this film.

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Jerry Sutton

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