Academy Award Challenge: Inglorious Basterds Review

Watched on Amazon Unbox 7/03/2010

I am never sure what I am going to get when I sit down to watch a Quentin Tarantino film. This film was no different. My reactions to Tarantino films range from awe (Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs) to completely uninterested (Kill Bill and the Grindhouse Segments). This film decidedly falls into the former category.

The film is broken up into five separate but interconnected stories revolving around the Germans occupying France and a force of Americans terrorizing them. Brad Pitt turns in a wonderful performance as the leader of the Americans. Late in the film his farcically bad Italian accent during an otherwise seriously tense moment is the epitome of the nature of the movie. Gory and serious with interruptions of the absurd, in other words vintage Tarantino.

After the seriously unsatisfying District 9, this film was a welcome treat. The fact that the academy would even consider the former in the same league with the latter baffles me. Overall I rate this film an A+.

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