Academy Award Challenge: District 9 Review

Watched on Netflix 7/03/2010

Of all the Best Picture Nominees of 2009 that I have reviewed, this one is the first that I really can’t see belonging in the same company as the rest. The racism theme is heavy handed from the very start and far too much of the plot goes out of it’s way to create unnecessary gross out scenes more appropriate to a cheap exploitation film than a major motion picture nominated for Best picture.

I can only imagine that the academy wad impressed with the social message that I found delivered with the subtlety of a sledge hammer. The ending action sequence of the film was well done and despite the fact that I was ready for the film to be over at the half hour mark, I found myself rooting for Christopher and his son to escape and Wikus, the human who was changed into the alien species, to survive his epic battle with the evil militaristic UN substitute MNU.

Over all I would rather watch Hurt Locker again. My score is a C-.

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