Academy Award Challenge: An Education a Review

Watched on Amazon Unboxed 7/05/2010

An Education is a compelling story of a young school girl whose whole life revolves around going to Oxford, to make her life more than the boring reality that it is. Then she meets David, a much older man who along with his friends, show her the life she always wanted. Oxford is abandoned to grab a chance at living the good life.

Her father, who had pushed her relentlessly to go to Oxford to make a better life, is seduced as quickly as she is by the promise of a shortcut to a better life in marrying David. When it all goes horribly wrong she is left with neither.

Jenny is a fascinating character, both youthful and worldly beyond her years. The film subtly attacks the old fashioned notion that a woman can advance in life either via knowledge or marriage, but doesn’t need both. Teling this story in the distant past of the 60’s allows that story to be told more openly than if it were a contemporary story, but the message hasn’t changed that much in the last 50 years.

Overall I give this film an A.

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