A Sad Day..

I just finished watching the final two episodes of Veronica Mars. It appears that the series has been cancelled by the CW though they haven’t had the decency to actually say so in so many words and keep trying to hint that they might have something in mind for the show later. But the series creator confirms that he has no current deal with them and in his words “very very very, sad day.

The reality is that the show never reached a mass audience. Its a shame really because I found the show to be extremely well written and entertaining. Veronica is the modern day answer to Nancy Drew. She is smart, sexy and sarcastic..just what every junior private eye should be. I enjoyed watching her go from a plucky high school girl to an impish young college co-ed. Its too bad that too few of us found out about this series and tuned in.

Farewell Veronica..

Jerry Sutton

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  1. I was looking forward to seeing what Dick was going to say to Veronica. Guess I’ll have to just always wonder…

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