A Jaguar Rebirth

This is a collection of posts I have made recently  about the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The original post can be found on Google+

Recently new Jaguar owner Shad Khan said that he defined fans as season ticket holders.  There was of course a lot of people who were upset. I personally don’t care if people are upset or not. Khan has made no secret that he wants to support the Jacksonville Community but that the community needs to support the team and that support means NOTHING if people don’t buy tickets.

I have been a season ticket holder for every season the Jaguars have been in Jacksonville. I bought my tickets before they hired the first coach, before the first player was signed. There are plenty of others who have been there as well, but not it is time for the rest of the community to step up and buy a ticket.

I’m not saying that you can’t be a fan of the team without a ticket but you certainly can’t claim to be any huge supporter of the team if you aren’t buying their product and merchandise is such a small part of the Jaguar revenue its a joke to bring it up.

I’mt not unsympathetic to people who can’t afford to buy tickets which is why I support local business organizations stepping up to buy tickets and giving them away. We need more corporate purchasers of tickets and we need more individual fans to step up and put their money down to support the team.

Khan’s job is to put a consistent winning team on the field. To spend the money to make the team competitive year after year and to make the experience at the stadium and throughout the year a good buy for the fans.

Our Part is buying tickets and showing up for the games. Watching the away games on TV and buying merchandise to support the team.

Khan’s comment about fans being season ticket holders was obviously tongue in cheek he said it with a smirk and a little laugh, but he wasn’t kidding about the need for more people to step up and buy season tickets. We need for him to do his part and the community to do their parts so we aren’t waiting until the last day (and getting an extension every week) to see if the blackout will be lifted. The national media is still talking about blackouts in Jacksonville because we still flirt with them every single game. We need to go into 2012 without that threat at all by having enough Season Tickets to make blackouts a non issue.

Khan’s first real decision after taking over the team was to hire Atlanta Falcon’s Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey as the new Jaguars Head coach.  There are people in Jacksonville who are disappointed in the hire because Mularkey isn’t a high profile name in head coaching. Or because the Falcons lost their last game to the Giants 24-2.

I like Mularkey more every time I hear him speak. He is saying the right things and doing the right things. Finding a way to keep Mel Tucker was a great move we have our defensive coaching staff pretty much back from last year and that is a good thing. I have no illusions that we can keep Tucker beyond the next year or so because he is going to be a head coach in the NFL. The time just wasn’t right for it to be Jacksonville with the issue we have on Offense but he will be a head coach in the next couple of years I have no doubt so it is good that we keep him on board for now. The defense should be good with most of the personnel returning next year.
Getting Mularkey and his offensive style and having one of this guys from Atlanta as the OC seems to me like a great opportunity. We need to be active in Free Agency on the receiver front and get someone who can anchor the receiving corps and give Gabbert some targets to throw at. We need to change the way we play offense to match the personnel we have and take some of the pressure off of Jones Drew and make our team much more explosive on offense. We can’t continue to try to win games 14-10. We need to be able to put up points early and then use our running game to grind out the clock late.

The next step is seeing if Khan is really willing to put out some money and go after top flight free agents where it makes sense. You can’t build a long term team on free agents that comes from the draft but you can plug a hole or two with a good signing and that is what we desperately need.

I don’t agree with people who say we are two drafts away from being a competitive team. We aren’t. We are a couple of players away from being a winning team and a few more away from being a really good team. The core is there we need to get the people to close the gap and have consistent effort from those who are already there to win consistently.


Jerry Sutton

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